Induction loop systems are used to assist the hearing impaired by transmitting sound from a sound system, microphone, television or other source, directly to a hearing aid equipped with a telecoil or 'T' position

They are available in many different formats - Portable for one-to-one or small group use or fixed systems which may typically be counter, perimeter or low spill systems.

We are able to provide outstanding technical support and information to enable you to carry out all stages of your project, from initial design to completed installation, secure in the knowledge that you have the support of industry professionals and experienced installation engineers.

What is a loop system?

A hearing assistance system in which a loop of wire around an area in a building, such as a cinema, church or theatre, produces an electromagnetic signal received directly by hearing aids used by people who are partially deaf.

Induction loop - [noun] in | duc | shun loop

Experts in our field

Our services and technical support are used by industry professionals and end-users alike. From supplying a few components, to designing and even installing the system required, we can help you complete your project on time and to budget.
We have experience is designing and engineering solutions for many different types of system.
Working with other trades and consultants allows our clients projects to progress smoothly and come in on budget.

Service, Testing & Certification

System maintenance can be as important as the initial installation.
We can help with either an annual maintenance program or servicing on an as-required basis.
We provide a testing and certification service.

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We are happy to chat over your requirements, or even answer your queries about existing induction loop systems. Please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and advise, not just to make a sale

Induction Loop testing & certification
Whilst having an induction loop system installed is a great first step, how do you know it is working 1, 2, 3 years down the road. We provide a testing and certification system to help you ensure that the system is always available
when needed.

Expression Engineers

We only use our own engineers to carry out our installations. This enables us to maintain consistent high standards on all projects, big and small.

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Our staff have worked for, and been trained by, some of the leading audio-visual companies in the world, giving us an outstanding technical ability and knowledge.

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We are not tied to any particular brand or manufacturer. We are free to select the right product for the project, so you get the perfect solution every time.


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