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Established in 2003, expression media are a specialist audio visual installation company based in Derbyshire, England.

We provide all systems AV! From an induction loop system at a reception counter to a fully integrated audio-visual system with sound, video, loop, live streaming & stage lighting.

We are not tied to any particular brand or manufacturer. We are free to select the right product for the project, so you get the perfect solution every time.

Below we list the 4 main categories of system, but there are many more. Feel free to get in touch and discuss your requirements.


This is a very broad category which encompasses everything from voice-alarm systems in a nuclear power station to background music system in a florist! Below are examples of some of the typical systems we would design and supply:

Paging systems (Sometimes called PA or 'Tannoy' systems)
These are used for calling staff members or making announcements to customers and visitors. Usually controlled from a desk microphone this can be on an 'All-Call' basis or zone-by-zone. They are found in many venues such as factories, hotels, shops, sports stadia and many more.

Background music systems (often combined with paging systems)
This does exactly what you would expect and allows music to be played at a background level across a venue. the sound source is usually CD, MP3 or radio and can typically be found in factories and retail venues.

Foreground music systems 
This operates like the background music system but at a much higher level. The sound source would likely be CD, MP3 but may accept an input from a DJ or similar. Typically found in Pubs, clubs or modern retailers.

Sound reinforcement systems

These systems are designed to take the audio signal, usually speech, and distribute it across a space to ensure the intelligibility of that speech is maintained for the listeners in a natural sounding way. The system may also have the capability to play music at a light level. A church, meeting room or lecture theatre would be typical example of these types of system.

Performance system
A performance system would have the characteristic of the sound reinforcement system but taken up to a level that is able to handle live music. There are many levels within a level here - The system could be designed to handle a guitar and singer in a parish church to a concert system in a music venue.

Whatever type of sound system you are looking for, we are happy to discuss your requirements.


Video systems (Sometimes referred to as AV systems), just like sound, is a very diverse area. From a monitor notice board to a church hymn display system to a large screen cinema, video is everywhere we go!

There are 2 main categories of system:
Video projection

These systems feature a video projector 'beaming' an image to a separate screen which could either electrically or manually retractable, a fixed screen or even a project an image directly onto a wall. Options are available for screens that incorporate winch systems allowing them to 'hide-away' in the roof area.
Generally, the greater the distance between the projector and screen the larger the image. To address there are different formats of projector. 'Short-throw' is positioned very close or even directly above the screen. 'Standard-throw' would need to be approx 1  to 2 times the width of the screen back from the screen. 'Long-throw' allows a projector to be positioned a long way back from the screen and still result in a useable image.
Front projection is standard but by using a special format screen rear-projection is also an option.
The possibilities are endless!!

Distributed LED screenThe advent of plasma and then LCD and LED screens means that these display are becoming more and more common place in situations outside of the home.
These offer a way of having distributed video images around a venue rather than a single large projector screen at the front.

Induction Loop

A hearing loop, sometimes referred to as an induction loop, T-Loop or an audio frequency induction loop system (AFILS), is an assistive listening system that provides access to facilities for those who experience hearing loss and use a hearing aid. It takes a sound source and transfers it directly to a hearing aid without background noise, interference or acoustic distortion via an electromagnetic field. This greatly reduces background noise and reverberation that can reduce clarity of sound.

There are 3 main categories of induction loop:

Portable 1-2-1 Systems
These units are the size of a handbag and are designed to be moved from location to location. They have inbuilt rechargeable batteries and create a small loop system ideal for one-to-one communication at a desk. A typical application would be a doctors surgery where the unit could be taken to different consultation rooms as required.

Reception / Counter Systems
These systems are designed to be permanently installed at a reception desk or counter and are design to be fit-and-forget. They facilitate communication from your staff to the customer whilst requiring no user intervention. Always on - always working! A typical application would be a hotel reception desk where a system is required to provide continuous coverage without staff operation.

Room Systems
These systems are for larger applications where an entire room requires hearing assistance system. A loop of cable is installed around the perimeter of the room so that all inside that loop have coverage. The system could be fed by either its own dedicated microphone or take a feed from a sound system or other equipment such as a TV. Typical applications include churches, theatres, meeting rooms and care home lounges.
'Low spill' versions of this system are available which cuts down the amount of signal which overspills outside the loop (On a standard system this can be 2-3 times the width of the loop). This is ideal where there are multiple rooms alongside each other that require induction loops.

Live Streaming

During COVID video streaming exploded into mainstream use in businesses and churches. Suddenly family members from around the world were able to attend weddings and funerals of loved ones. Universities could deliver lectures online to students anywhere in the world and gamers were able to share their achievements with others of a same mind.

From computer screen sharing, to single or multiple camera setups, either fixed or pan-tilt-zoom, everybody could have their own TV studio from which they could broadcast to  the world.

Expression Media have provided streaming facilities to venues all over the country enabling communication to be easier, faster and more direct than ever before.

Experience matters! - From Grade 1 listed cathedrals to modern medical facilities, to renowned architectural masterpieces, our design staff and installation engineers have many years experience providing practical, sympathetic audio-visual solutions !

Expression Engineers

We only use our own engineers to carry out our installations. This enables us to maintain consistent high standards on all projects, big and small.

Technical Knowledge

Our staff have worked for, and been trained by, some of the leading audio-visual companies in the world, giving us an outstanding technical ability and knowledge.

All products

We are not tied to any particular brand or manufacturer. We are free to select the right product for the project, so you get the perfect solution every time.


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